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YouTube is an endless source of music and videos. It may happen that you are interested in downloading a song without having to download the entire video and then extract the audio track, or that you want to have both the video to watch it on your TV set and the music from it to hear it in your MP3 player. This program allows you to choose the type of download you want. It has a powerful search feature that allows you to find any video available on YouTube. Once you have found the video you want, you can choose to download the entire video file, only the audio track, or both. Interestingly, you can also search and download entire albums. First, you need to search for the album you want to download. Then, you can choose the songs you want to download from that album. Take into account that many times, YouTube has more than one version of each song.

This program is free to download and use, but you need to register your copy by giving your name and e-mail address. It is ad-supported, so it will show advertisements in its interface. Also, a "nag screen" appears when closing the program, asking you to give a "tip" of 10 euros to support the program. This "tip" will give you access to the Plus version of the program, which is ad-free and does not show the "nag screen".

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  • Free
  • Different options


  • The free version is ad-supported
  • A "nag screen" appears when closing the porgram
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