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Downloads audio or video files from youtube in various formats
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Do not let its highly precise name fool you – YouTube Song Downloader is capable of grabbing videos also from Vevo, entire albums as well as individual songs, it can extract, download audio streams, and play back whatever videos and audio files you download. Its powerful and fast search engine can look for specific tracks or full albums of your favorite artists and batch-download all the songs selected in a snap.

The program’s interface is certainly one of its main assets – it is intuitive and clean, and it offers a fresh look with a nice color combination and oversized letters for easy reading. The initial window will offer you the top 10 downloads (though it doesn’t say where that list comes from) and an advertisement that will disappear as soon as you move to the affordable Plus version, which comes also with full e-mail support and a set of free updates. If the ads and the contribution request that appears whenever you close the program don’t bother you, you can stick to this free version of the tool and enjoy its unlimited downloads for as long as you wish.

As said, you can search for individual tracks and for full albums. Each search has its own entry in the menu, but the results are displayed in a very similar way. Note that, in terms of search, full albums uploaded to YouTube or Vevo in one single video file count as an individual track. The albums found can be downloaded in full or partially – you can select which tracks you’re interested in and uncheck the rest. The program will then send to the download list only the selected tracks. You can then decide if you wish to grab the video file or its audio stream only. You can set the program’s preferences to convert all the videos to either MP4, AVI, or MKV with the resolution of your choice, up to 1080p. Alternatively, the program can also extract the audio on the fly and download it for you in the format and with the bit rate set in the download options, which include now MP3, Ogg, Opus, and AAC. You can tell the program to download both the video file and the corresponding extracted audio simultaneously. The download manager will inform you about the download progress of the different tracks, allowing you to pause and resume the various downloads at will.

YouTube Song Downloader’s ability to grab entire albums and to extract the audio of the selected tracks largely compensates its limitations when it comes to the sites supported (YouTube and Vevo) and the formats into which it can convert the downloaded files. Everything the program does, it’s done in an efficient, simple, and straightforward manner, and that’s much more than can be said of many of its competitors.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Searches for and downloads entire albums
  • Extracts and downloads the audio stream
  • Improved audio quality in MP3 and Ogg
  • Support for HTML5 videos
  • Simultaneous download of a video and its soundtrack
  • Batch download
  • Built-in music player


  • Limited to YouTube and Vevo
  • Includes ads
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